After School

TEMPORARY FALL 2020 PROGRAMS DESCRIPTION & INFORMATION (effective by August 17,2020) click here>>

Because the local Castro Valley school district is following the virtual learning model for Fall 2020, Bee Best Learning Center will be offering a temporary fall 2020 program to better serve families.  When the local school district begins in-person instruction (hybrid model), Bee Best will then modify our programs to better work with the elementary schools’ AM/PM schedule.

Below is an example of our program description prior the shelter in place order for COVID-19.

After School Academic Enrichment Program

Homework help, Mandarin Chinese, and supplemental math and English practice are all included in our after school program tuition.  Your child may participate in all of these programs, or you may choose any combination.

Homework Help

Quiet class time is provided for students to work on their individual homework assignments.  Two staffs are available to answer questions and review completed homework.

Mandarin Chinese – 美洲华语 Mei Zhou Chinese

We teach simplified Mandarin Chinese.  Our goal for this program is to provide a lively and interesting Chinese learning environment for children and to stimulate their interest in studying Chinese.  We use Mei Zhou Chinese textbook volume 1-8 from MZHY Editors Group that compiles national standards on teaching foreign languages (5C) and US standards on foreign language assessment.  The textbooks focus on phonetics, vocabulary, situation-oriented communications and human sciences.

  • Volumes 1-2 introduce the basic knowledge of Chinese characters and culture.
  • Volumes 3-5 focus on strengthening the ability to read, make sentences and look for overall themes in reading materials.
  • Volumes 6-8 focus on building overall communication skills with topics in history, music, technology, medicine and other disciplines.

With simple words of the contents, students will learn Chinese language and culture easily.  After evaluating their Chinese knowledge, students will be placed in either a beginning, intermediate, or advanced class.

Click the following link for 年级课程介绍 Bee Best Mei Zhou Chinese
Click the following link to take the Mandarin Chinese Language Test here.

Math and Critical Thinking

Through Accelerated Math’s technology, we create individualized practice assignments tailored at each child’s level which will keep every child motivated and challenged. Your children will tackle new objectives and dramatically improve their math skills.  We provide weekly feedback on your child’s progress.

English (reading comprehension & grammar)

This program will enhance and expand language arts concepts taught during the school year.  We primarily use grade appropriate language worksheets from well-known publishers.  This will help your children to meet the state standards and challenge them to achieve higher levels.