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Our Staff

Jing T. 
Ms. Jing is the director at Bee Best Learning Center and is responsible for planning and implementing all curricula and programs. She has been with Bee Best Learning Center for 14 years. She possesses a California child development teaching credential and is a certified Montessori teacher. Before coming to the United States, she worked as an elementary teacher and school manager at Sui-An-Bo Elementary in Beijing, China, from 1995 to 2000. She primarily taught Chinese and math. In addition, Ms. Jing designed and implemented the curriculum, introduced new educational tools in the classrooms, and organized an interdisciplinary learning program for teachers. She was awarded the title of Excellent Teacher in Beijing’s East District for her outstanding contribution to the school. During the next several years, she worked as a kindergarten teacher at a Montessori school in San Leandro and taught Chinese in various after-school programs throughout the East Bay and Tri-Valley areas. With more than twenty years of experience in education and leadership, she enjoys teaching and demonstrates a high commitment to interdisciplinary learning. Ms. Jing is a very friendly, patient, and positive person. 

Annalise C.
Front Desk Receptionist
Ms. Annalise recently just joined Bee Best Learning Center and is currently studying at Chabot College and planning to transfer to nursing school. She hopes to obtain a BSN and become an RN in the future. She is fluent in Cantonese, English, and Mandarin. Prior to moving to California, she lived in Hong Kong for around 20 years. Annalise loves listening to music, dancing, reading, and spending time with her loved ones.

Nancy A. 
Office Manager & Kindergarten Teacher 
Ms. Nancy has been with Bee Best Learning Center teaching Kindergarten classes for the last 8 years. Ms. Nancy’s proudest achievement is her two adult daughters. She homeschooled both of her children through their elementary and middle school years. Prior to having children, she worked at Searles Elementary with physically and mentally challenged students. She has earned both her Associate and Basic teaching certificates and graduated with the highest honors with an AA degree in Early Childhood Development and Education. She enjoys cake decorating, gardening, sewing, and crocheting. Ms. Nancy takes great satisfaction in encouraging and engaging with our students while helping them reach their fullest potential. 

Ani C. 
Kindergarten Teacher 
Ms. Ani has been with Bee Best Learning Center teaching Kindergarten classes for the last 9 years. Ms. Ani is a mother of three well-mannered young men. She studied in Hong Kong at Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Sun Hoi Directors’ College. Her past job experience includes working as a daycare assistant and administrative assistant. When she has time, she enjoys reading, traveling, and cooking new dishes. Ms. Ani is calm and nurturing and likes working with kindergartners here at Bee Best Learning Center.  

Tess B. 
TK and Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Tess has been with Bee Best Learning Center teaching the TK and Kindergarten classes for the last 7 years. She possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in Financial Management. For many years before Bee Best, she was an active volunteer in her children’s classrooms assisting wherever needed. Previously, she worked in the finance department for a major airline and then owned and managed a restaurant. In addition to cooking and gardening, she enjoys organizing birthday parties and fundraising events. Ms. Tess’s goal is for her students to be organized and focused to help them in the future.

Joanna B. 
Homework Teacher 
Ms. Joanna has been with Bee Best Learning Center for the past 5 years. She has an associate degree in Marketing from Indiana University. She has two adult sons that she homeschooled from early elementary school grades until they graduated from high school. She has always enjoyed working with children from the time she was able to start babysitting. Her interests include her faith, family, and sports (especially the San Francisco Giants). 

Janna M. 
Homework Teacher 
Ms. Janna has been with Bee Best Learning Center for the past 3 years. She studied for a BA in Mass Communications and majored in Broadcasting in the Philippines. She is currently taking her prerequisites for Psych AA-T at Chabot College and hopes to transfer to CSUEB. She is bilingual in both English and Tagalog, she also speaks three other Native Philippine dialects. Her fun and affectionate personality make her a great fit working around children. On weekends, she loves spending her time with family on road trips across California and beyond.  

Joshua W. 
Homework Teacher 
Mr. Joshua has been with Bee Best Learning Center for over a year. He is currently attending Cal State East Bay to attain a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Teacher Preparation. He plans to teach elementary education in the near future. He is bilingual in Tagalog and English. He has two little sisters, one in middle school and another one in high school. His favorite hobbies are playing board games, playing and watching sports, listening to many kinds of music, reading, and traveling with his family. Mr. Joshua’s goals are to be responsible, listen, communicate, and bring lots of fun to all the Bee Best students he works for.

Ellen M.
Homework Teacher 
Ms. Ellen has been with Bee Best Learning Center for a year now. She recently graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in History with a minor in Education. Previously, she volunteered at 826 Valencia in San Francisco, helping students with their creative writing. She hopes to obtain her teaching credential in the near future. She enjoys playing board games, reading, writing, and spending time with her family.

Andrea V.
Homework Teacher
Ms. Andrea has been with Bee Best Learning Center for almost a year. She recently obtained her bachelor’s degree at Cal State East Bay, in Early Childhood Development with a minor in Spanish. She is currently applying to a master’s program that will allow her to get her masters in teaching and earn her teaching credential concurrently. She has always enjoyed and loved working with young students, from volunteering at her elementary school and middle school to helping her nieces and nephews in their school work, which led her to discover her passion for working with kids and decided to make it her career. Before working at Bee Best Learning Center, she worked as a Behavioral Technician with kids on the autism spectrum that were from ages 4 to 8. Her patience, caring manner, and enthusiastic nature are some of the qualities that make her suitable to work with kids. In her free time, she enjoys playing soccer, going on walks, and spending time with family and friends. 

Linda A.
Homework Teacher
Ms. Linda recently just joined Bee Best Learning Center and is currently in her final year at Cal State East Bay, and is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies with a Teacher Preparation concentration. She is passionate about becoming an elementary school educator in the near future and is excited to help young students reach their full potential. As the eldest of four siblings, she has learned the value of responsibility, patience, and leadership. Her goal is to encourage students to strive for the best and to believe in themselves and their own capabilities. Ms. Linda enjoys spending time with her loved ones, trying different types of foods, and anything Disney-related. 

Lakshmi P.
Homework Teacher
Ms. Lakshmi recently just joined Bee Best Learning Center. She possesses a master’s in Computer Science and Engineering. She is passionate to work in the field of teaching and education industry. In her previous roles, she worked as a software trainer, and academic project guide for college students. She loves teaching students and focusing on helping students to enhance their true potential. She enjoys music, reading, hiking, traveling, and cooking.

Lucy E. 
Teacher Assistant 
Ms. Lucy has been with Bee Best Learning Center for the last 7 years. Prior to coming to Bee Best Learning Center, she worked in the Castro Valley and Hayward school districts as a teaching assistant, campus patrol, and lunchtime supervisor for over 10 years. She also managed her own daycare for 6 years. She has two grown children, a sweet young granddaughter, and a sweet young grandson. In her downtime, she likes cooking and baking delicious food. Ms. Lucy enjoys helping all of the students at Bee Best. 

Haydee J. 
Teaching Assistant 
Ms. Haydee has been with Bee Best Learning Center for the last 5 years. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Liceo de Cagayan University in the Philippines. She worked with children in Hong Kong for over 18 years. She is multi-bilingual in Tagalog, Cantonese, and English. She is also a proud mom of two grown children. Haydee loves working with youth, and kids, and she also enjoys hiking, playing tennis, basketball, swimming, cooking, and traveling. She is a hardworking person. She loves doing craft stuff like painting, puzzles, and Diamond dots. Ms. Haydee enjoys working with the younger kids at Bee Best.

Mark G. 
Homework Teacher 
Mark has been with Bee Best Learning Center for the past 4 years. He is currently studying independently. Prior to coming to Bee Best Learning Center, he has 3 years of experience working with middle school students from working in his church’s middle school ministry and 4 years of experience in the church’s high school ministry. Mark has attended many missionary trips to the Navajo reservation in Arizona and 1 trip to Mexico with his church. He enjoys reading, learning languages, going to the cinema with friends, and helping students and teachers in need.  

Kaelani R. 
Teaching Assistant 
Ms. Kaelani has been with Bee Best Learning Center for a year now. Previously, she has experience teaching and encouraging students through teaching children’s Polynesian dance classes for her family’s dance group, Rahiti Polynesian Dance. She is in the process of returning to Laney college to finish achieving a degree in ethnic studies. She is a person who doesn’t hesitate to help out others. In her free time, she enjoys writing poetry, watching anime, and spending time with her family and dogs. 

Genesis A.
Homework Teacher 
Ms. Genesis has been with Bee Best Learning Center for almost a year. She always had a passion for helping students learn. From a very young age, she loved assisting classmates and younger kids with their work. Another big passion of hers is dancing Ballet Folklórico (since the 1st grade). Thanks to her 3rd-grade teacher, she pursued her passion for teaching by volunteering to teach some classmates a Ballet Folklórico dance. Her experience with kids comes from volunteering with ETS at Chabot College in Hayward, H.A.R.D‘s East Avenue Camp, and multiple other programs that host events for kids.  She is currently in the works of going back to school. She intends to major in Liberal Studies and minor in Psychology to become an elementary school teacher. She is a very patient, attentive, caring, and hardworking person. She loves to help students and teachers when needed. Some of her favorite things to do are dance, listen to music, go to concerts and spend time with family and loved ones. Ms. Genesis takes pride and joy in working at Bee Best Learning Center.

Taylor A.
Teaching Assistant 
Ms. Taylor recently just joined Bee Best Learning Center in the spring of 2022. She is currently attending Chabot College to obtain her license in Dental Hygiene. She plans to have a family-owned children’s dental business. Ms. Taylor has experience working with kids in Little Shamrocks basketball camp for a few years. She enjoys working with kids and seeing the excitement on their faces when they overcome challenges. In her free time, Ms. Taylor likes playing basketball, listening to music, and hiking. 

Rosy S.
Teaching Assistant 
Ms. Rosy recently joined Bee Best Learning Center and previously has been working with children for about six years and has loved every moment of it. She previously worked at a family daycare where she would teach the kids Spanish, Math, and English Comprehension. Watching the children grow, learn and have fun is something Ms. Rosy really enjoys and that is why she decided to major in Early Childhood Development. She is currently enrolled at Las Positas College and is looking forward to transferring to Cal State East Bay to finish her degree. Ms. Rosy likes to read, go hiking, travel, and take photos of the memories she’s making along the way. Being patient and understanding are important qualities Ms. Rosy practices daily. As a Bee Best Teaching Assistant, Ms. Rosy’s goals include making the children feel comfortable when they learn a new curriculum, sharing creative ideas of their own, and having fun with their classmates.

Lu (Yanqiu Lu) 
Chinese Instructor 
Ms. Lu has been with Bee Best Learning Center teaching Chinese for the past 7 years. She enjoys teaching verbal and written Mandarin Chinese to students of all ages. She studied at Jin Lin of China Railway Vocational and Technology College and Si Ping of China University. She later worked at primary schools in China. Ms. Lu was a well-known opera singer and performed with the Jin Lin of China Pei King Opera Troupe in the late 90s. Fond of the Chinese Peking Opera, she applies her usual passion for performance to her teaching interactions, so students not only learn Chinese in a pleasant environment but also increase their interest in Chinese culture. Prior to coming to Bee Best Learning Center, she taught Chinese at another Bay Area after-school program. For fun, she enjoys gardening, singing, and knitting. Ms. Lu is very patient in her teaching approach.  

Angela A. 
Chinese Instructor 
Ms. Angela has been with Bee Best Learning Center teaching Chinese for the past 6 years. She graduated from Shenyang Normal University in Liaoning Province and also attended Liaoning University. For ten years, she taught Chinese and math classes in elementary schools in Shenyang, China. Later she worked as an editor for a Chinese newspaper and magazine. Recently, she was a Chinese instructor at a private elementary school in the Bay Area. For relaxation, she likes to shop and go out with friends. Ms. Angela enjoys helping students learn to speak and read Chinese. 

Qingling H.
Chinese Instructor
Ms. Qingling has been with Bee Best Learning Center teaching Chinese for the past 3 years. She graduated from Yancheng Normal University in Jiangsu Province. Previously, she worked as a teaching assistant at an after-school program in China. She enjoys teaching Chinese to her students and helping them learn how to speak, read and write Chinese. She is patient, nice, and caring, and often brings fun to the children in class activities. In teaching Chinese, she can do courseware well, correct homework carefully and correct children’s mistakes in time. She loves to communicate with children and bring joy to everyone.

Barbara L. 
Ms. Barbara has been with Bee Best Learning Center for the past 9 years. She enjoys tutoring students of all ages in English language skills, writing, reading, literature, math, and social sciences. Having majored in anthropology and minored in music at the University of California Santa Barbara, she has successfully home-educated each of her six children through high school. (All six of them have gone on to earn bachelor’s degrees and two have acquired PhDs.) Besides those many years of home teaching, Ms. Barbara has served as the lead teacher of the beginning drama program for several years at Neighborhood Youth Theater in Castro Valley. She has also taught high school literature and algebra classes at Pathway Academy in Fremont. In her spare time, she delights in spending time with her family (including 14 grandkids!), hiking, acting, singing, and ballroom dancing. Throughout all her teaching endeavors, Ms. Barbara’s overarching goal is to build her students’ confidence in their ability to learn and to help them discover the joy of learning. 

Ron L. 
Tutor & Math Workshop Instructor 
Mr. Ron has been with Bee Best Learning Center for the past 7 years. He is a retired engineer with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley. He is a father to six grown children and has several grandchildren. Previously, he worked with youth as a soccer coach, a Sunday school teacher, and a homeschool teacher. His hobbies include musical theater performance, hiking, and ballroom dancing. Mr. Ron has a passion for helping students prepare for and learn difficult concepts in math and science. 

Gloria B. 
Tutor & Operations Planner
Ms. Gloria has been with Bee Best Learning Center for over 10 years. For several years, she served as Assistant Director and as a Lead Teacher providing homework support and private tutoring in many subjects. Her specialties include English (writing, grammar, reading) and math (basic arithmetic through algebra & geometry). She graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. degree from Arizona State University. After graduation, Ms. Gloria worked for several years as a programmer analyst, technical writer, and instructor of software training. Later she decided to stay home and home school her two children from kindergarten through high school. During these years, Ms. Gloria also volunteered in school groups, tutored in the Hayward school district, and provided weekly grading services for high school writing classes. She has completed all core credits in Early Childhood Education and passed the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) for teachers. In addition, she regularly evaluates standardized public-school tests for major educational testing companies and is an authorized tutor for two local public charter schools. Recently, she has reduced her hours to spend more time with her grandson. Ms. Gloria likes teaching and especially enjoys helping students build confidence in their ability to succeed both academically and socially.