Jing Tian
Learning Center Director
Chinese and Math Teacher

Ms. Jing is responsible for planning and implementing all curriculum and programs at Bee Best Learning Center. She is a graduate from Beijing College, plus she possesses a California child development teaching credential and is a certified Montessori teacher. Currently, she is a part time student at California State University East Bay studying early childhood education. Ms. Jing has more than eight years combined experience in both teaching and leadership. Before coming to the United States, she worked as an elementary teacher and school manager at Sui-An-Bo Elementary in Beijing, China, from 1995 to 2000. She primarily taught Chinese and math. In addition, she designed and implemented curriculum, introduced new educational tools in the classrooms, and organized an interdisciplinary learning program for teachers. For her outstanding contribution to the school, she was awarded the title of Excellent Teacher in Beijing’s East District. During the next five years, she worked as a kindergarten teacher at a Montessori school in San Leandro. Most recently, she taught Chinese and math in various after school programs throughout the East Bay and Tri-Valley areas. Ms. Jing enjoys teaching and demonstrates a high commitment to interdisciplinary learning. She is a very friendly, patient, and positive person.

Gloria Biaggi
English Instructor and Tutor

Ms. Gloria is the primary English instructor and also provides homework support and private tutoring in many subjects. Her specialties include English (writing, grammar, punctuation, and spelling) and math (basic arithmetic, pre-algebra, algebra 1). Prior to joining BBLC, she graduated summa cum laude from Arizona State University earning a B.S. degree in business with an emphasis in computer information systems. During college, she tutored general math, algebra, language arts, and computer programming to other students. After graduation, Ms. Gloria moved to the Bay Area where she worked for several years as a programmer analyst, technical writer, and instructor of software training classes for corporate executives. Later, she decided to stay home to raise and home school her two children through elementary school. At the same time, she enjoyed volunteering and tutoring various subjects to friends, school groups, and the local community. In addition, she returned to college part-time to study child development and curriculum. During recent years, Ms. Gloria tutored language arts and math to elementary students in the Hayward school district, provided weekly grading services for a local middle and high school writing class, and supervised children in the Adventure Time program at various local elementary schools. Teaching is Ms. Gloria’s passion. She especially enjoys helping students build confidence in their ability to succeed both academically and socially.

Kathy Gustafson
Teaching Assistant and Tutor

Ms. Kathy has extensive experience working with children. With over 50 college units in childhood development, she previously worked for three years as an assistant and lead teacher in a preschool, plus she has numerous years of teaching experience in her church’s Sunday school and nursery programs. For the past several years, she has helped her husband manage their appliance repair business. She has also been employed part-time as a cake decorator and personal care assistant. For fun, she enjoys historical novels, interior design, and watercolor painting. Considering her background and love of children, Ms. Kathy is a valuable member of our staff.

Elaine Peng
Chinese Instructor

Mrs. Elaine earned a degree in economics and accounting from Guangzhou University in China. While in college, Mrs. Elaine also worked as a radio station announcer and wrote a regular column in poetry appreciation. In 2001, she served as the main contact person for the Ministry of National Education for science education research in Guangzhou station. She has several years experience in early enlightenment in Chinese education. Along with her affinity for teaching, she understands the various aspects of child development. Her lesson plans include many idioms, songs, tongue twisters, jokes and poetry to make learning Mandarin fun for her students.

Andrew Strommen
Chess Instructor

For the past several years, Mr. Strommen has taught all levels of chess classes around the Bay Area. He has also developed curriculum and served as an official tournament director for numerous U.S. Chess Federation tournaments with up to 90 participants at a time. Currently, he is the chairman/CEO of Codebreakers Chess Clubs where he is in charge of developing and implementing curricula, training chess instructors, running USCF tournaments, and most important of all teaching with excellence. With his background, he is well qualified to teach most young players and beginners of all ages. He enjoys the opportunity to teach chess to the children at BBLC.

Peter Biaggi
Teaching Assistant

Mr. Peter is currently a full-time student at Las Positas College majoring in business with a focus on accounting. He graduated from high school in just three years while earning college credit taking concurrent college courses. Previously, he had a steady job for three years providing child care for toddlers and worked on weekends as a certified soccer referee mediating youth games. He also volunteers as a game time director for a youth club at his church. His interests include playing the keyboards, drums, and volleyball. With his experience working with kids of all ages, he provides an important contribution at BBLC.

Leslie Gustafson
Teaching Assistant

Miss Leslie attends Las Positas College and is studying both business and early childhood education. For the last five years, she has studied and performed Irish dancing. Previously, she participated on a synchronized swimming team in Walnut Creek for five years. In addition to working at BBLC, Leslie files paperwork for her parents’ business and has much experience babysitting for her church, friends, and neighbors. Furthermore, she has served as a volunteer leader in her church’s Sunday school program and children’s club. She is responsible and kind and is a hard-working member of our staff.

Daniel Chan
Drawing Instructor

Mr. Chan teaches drawing, painting, and animation. When he was a child, he developed an interest in drawing and won many awards for his drawings and designs. As an adult, he attended design school part-time before coming to the United States to study business in New Jersey. His passion for art has been with him all his life as he continues to study fine arts and animation. Mr. Chan has taught many art classes to children and enjoys helping his students have fun while learning to appreciate and create art. For more information, please visit Mr. Chan’s website at http://sites.google.com/site/danielchanart/Home

Ryan Tan
Teaching Assistant

Mr. Ryan is a sophomore at Chabot College and plans to transfer to USC as a business information management major. He is a native Chinese speaker and has fluent skills in both Mandarin and Cantonese. Additionally, he has much volunteer experience working at the Boys & Girls Club and at the San Leandro Food Bank. Last year Ryan traveled to Sichuan to teach and counsel children affected by the earthquake. In his free time, he enjoys reading and playing badminton. Ryan’s proficiency in both Chinese and math makes him an asset to our center.